How to register for the Railway e-auction 2024?

Indian Railways E-Auction process on the IREPS (Indian Railways E-Procurement System) website is very easy just follow the Railway e-auction step-by-step process given below

Railway e-auction
Railway e-auction
  1. Registration Requirements: To participate in the E-Auction for Indian Railways, bidders must register on the IREPS website.
  2. The registration process requires the following:
    • Valid Class III Digital Signature Certificate with Bidder’s Firm Name issued by licensed Certifying Authorities. b.
    • An affidavit duly notarized on stamp paper of requisite value. c.
    • Valid Email ID. d.
    • One-time registration fee of Rs. 10,000.
    • Additionally, bidders need to have a computer with Internet Explorer 6 or 7 and Internet connectivity.
    • Without a valid Digital Signature Certificate and User ID, vendors cannot participate in the E-Auction.
  3. Affidavit Format: The format of the affidavit can be found on the IREPS website’s Auction Home page, under the IREPS document section. The bidder must produce this affidavit duly notarized on stamp paper as per the prescribed format.
  4. Registration Process: Bidders can either opt for online registration or manual registration by a Railway user in Depot. To begin the online registration process, the bidder needs to click on the “New Bidder” link on the top left page of and fill out the login registration form. After submitting the form, the bidder will be directed to the Payment Interface to pay the refundable registration fee of Rs. 10,000 through the Payment Gateway or Net Banking facility of various banks. Once the registration fee is submitted, the bidder will receive a message to produce their affidavit and system-generated ID and Class III digital certificate to the nearest depot. The Authorized depot user will upload the bidder’s affidavit to their account and retain the original copy. After signing and submission by the bidder, the registration will be successful. The bidder will receive a Login Password and Bidding Password in their mailbox, with the User ID being the same as the email ID provided during registration.
  5. Participation in E-Auctions: Once registered, bidders can participate in any E-auction being conducted in various depots of Indian Railways.

For more detailed information and clarifications, interested parties can visit the Learning Centre and FAQ sections on the E-Auction page of the website.

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