IPHS Norms 2023 and its Layouts

IPHS Norms 2023 will guide you through the process of Indian public health standards. The ministry of family health and welfare issues these guidelines every year for the health workers and employees associated with the Indian public health care system to work

Here is the pdf of all the guidelines issued by the ministry

IPHS Norms 2023 and its Layouts

CHC IPHS 2023 Guidelines pdf

PHC IPHS 2023 Guideline pdf

SHC HWC UHWC IPHS 2022 Guidelines pdf


Q1 What are IPHS guidelines?

Ans – The IPHS is upgrading itself to improve the quality of good health delivery in the country. Changing the old protocol and the existing program by introducing the new program.

Q2 What is the full form of IPHS?

The full form of IPHS is Indian Health Facility Guidelines

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