Know Your UAN of EPFO & UAN status check Online

How to Know Your UAN of EPFO & UAN status check Online

UAN stands form universal account number where all the member id is registered at one place. Once you join any organization you get your epfo account with unique UAN ,it will for your name and cann’t be changed if you change your organization or company. It get automatically to your present employee once you name and other details entered on the epfo website.

Know Your UAN of EPFO & UAN status check Online
Know Your UAN of EPFO

You will get the monthly detail of amount being transferred to your EPFO account from your employer on your registered mobile number or email-id.

You have to link your aadhar number ,mobile number , account number and PAN number so that to settle your account online easily once you leave the organization.

If you want to track your epfo details you need to login into account with UAN number and password. There you will get to know your contribution and employer contribution.


How to get or Find UAN number in EPFO account

you can easily know your UAN of EPFO and UAN status check online by following the simple steps given below :-

  • To get UAN number online firstly go to the official website login page I.e
  • You are now on the login page where in the important links section click om the Know your UAN option.
  • Now enter the registered mobile number and captcha code.
  • Click on the request OTP.
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP and again fill the captcha.
  • Note do it fast as you will get only 25 seconds to fill the OTP and captcha.
  • After that Enter your Name ,Date of Birth and select from the any three method AADHAR ,PAN OR Member ID to know your UAN.
Know Your UAN of EPFO
  • Enter the number of ID you have selected like if you have selected aadhar then fill the aadhar number.
  • Enter Captcha.
  • Click on the show My UAN option.
  • And your UAN will be shown.

There are other ways to know your UAN number like you can get it on your salary slip provided by the employer.

And by login into your EPFO account you can get the details of UAN number.


How can I get UAN number by SMS?

This is the easiest way to get your UAN number , Just give a missed call to 011-22901406 and with seconds you will get your UAN number through SMS on your phone.

How can I know my UAN number without salary slip?

There are various method by which you could get your UAN number without salary slip like by SMS method explained above , by logging into your account, and by clicking on the know your UAN on the official website ,where you have to get it by registered mobile number.

Is UAN mandatory for online claims?

Yes it is very much mandatory for online claims as to login into your account you need to use it user id .Also UAN stands for Universal account number where all the member id given by establishment is at one place.

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