What is E- Bill Project – GIFMS

E- Bill Project is an end-to-end paperless digital payment of bills and claims through GIFMS vertical. It is launched by department of expenditure which comes under ministry of finance.

E bill uses GIFMS to pay bills and claims where, GIFMS stands for government integrated finance management system.


key points of E-bill Project

  • Rolled out in 222 pay and accounting Unit ministries and units.
  • Proposed to cover majority of payment unit of all civil ministries/departments in current financial year.
  • Developed by public financial management system in all civil ministries and departments.

What are the advantages of E- Bill Project

  • Convenience to vendors, contractors, suppliers in submitting bills and claims without physically approaching the office.
  • Shorter bill payment history cycle after dilivery of stores or services.
  • Online tracking of the bill position.
  • More effective audit trails in payment system.
  • Environmental benefits on account of elimination of paper requirements.
  • Ease of doing business.
  • Effective tool to facilitate government disbursement in pandemic like situation.

So, this E-bill project is one step closer to the digital India initiative.

FAQs Ebill

Q1 What is the full form of GIFMS?

Government integrated finance management system.

Q2 Who will get benefits from Ebill?

Vendors, contractors, suppliers who is working in the projects and services involved with the finance ministry.

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