HDFC Bank RTGS Form Download 2023

HDFC Bank NEFT RTGS form is used for the transfer of large amounts. If you are a customer of HDFC and want to transfer a large number of funds from your account to the others account. You can Download HDFC Bank RTGS Form, fill it in with all the relevant information asked to submit it to your bank where your account is.

There is no limit to the amount transferred to the HDFC customer through RTGS(Real Time Gross Settlement or NEFT(National Electronic Fund Transfer)


How to download the RTGS form

The information asked In HDFC RTGS Form

  • Branch code
  • Branch name
  • Beneficiery name
  • Beneficiery account number
  • Beneficiary Bank Name & Branch
  • Beneficiary Bank IFSC Code
  • Amount to be credited in figure
  • Amount to be credited in words
  • Remitter name
  • Remitter account number
  • Mobile number
  • Email id

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