Agrisnet Farmer List |Search Odisha Farmer ID | Farmers identity Card |Farmer Registration Form

Agrisnet Farmer List |Search Odisha Farmer ID | Farmers identity Card |Farmer Registration Form

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Agrisnet Farmer List-Basically it is the effort by the government to identify the farmers and collect the data which can be useful to prepare different types schemes and yojna. Farmer id is also issued by the government of Odisha to identify and for DBT.


What is Farmer card?

As we know there are different types Id cards in India for different purpose. In the same Farmer Id is being is issued by government of odisha to identify the farmers of odisha and classify them according to the land type ,drought land area ,crops grown, pests and other factors. By doing so government will be able to solve problem of particular problems by the given data given during identification registration.

Benefit of farmer id

The main aim and objective of farmer id are given below.

1 To provide information to the farmers so that they can get updates on supply chain and other inputs by the government.

2 To provide information related to government scheme.

3 To provide soil testing that will help in reducing the use of fertilizer and maintain the soil health.

4 To upgrade the technology used in farming to improve productivity and quality of farming.

5 Different Varity of seeds will be provided to improve the productivity of land

Procedure to Search Odisha Agrisnet Farmer List

Here you will know how to search for Odisha agrisnet farmer list by following few simple steps given below. How do I get a farmer ID of Odisha?

1 Firstly, you need to visit the Official website started by government of odisha started for farmers.

2 Then Go to the Seed DBT option on the top menu.

3 Go to Print Farmers ID and click on it.

4 You will be navigated to the a page where you can clearly see the farmers list option.

5 Click on it .

6 Select

  • District.
  • Block.
  • Gram panchayat.
  • Village.
  • Status.

7 Click on the search option or Export to excel.

8 List of farmers id will be shown.

Farmer Registration Form

Document required for registration

  • Voter id card
  • Aadhar card
  • Mobile number
  • Bank details
    • Name of account holder.
    • Account number
    • Bank name
    • Branch name.
    • IFSC code
  • Photocopy of voter id of head of the family.
  • Photocopy of bank passbook.
  • Click here to get pdf of farmer registration form.

How to download Agrisnet farmer id card

It’s very easy to download farmer id card on agrisnet web portal ,just follow these simple and easy steps.

  • Go to the official website of odisha seed portal –
  • Go to Seed DBT on option on top menu.
  • From the drop down menu click on print farmer id.
  • Go to farmer list.
    • fill district
    • Block
    • Gram panchayat.
    • Village
    • Selected Status-Generated, Pending/rejected.
  • If you select generated status.
  • Then click on search.
  • List of farmers will appear according to your district ,block, village and panchayat.
  • Then click on the download link to download the farmer id.

How to correction farmer id in Odisha

If you have wrongly filled the form of farmer id in odisha then there are procedure to correct them online.So follow the steps below to correct your form.

1 Go to the website of odisha seed portal.

2 Click on seed DBT.

3 Go to farmer registration.

4 You will be guided to login page.

5 Fill user name and password click submit.After the login.

Agrisnet Farmer List |Search Odisha Farmer ID | Farmers identity Card |Farmer Registration Form

6 Click on farmer details updation.

Agrisnet Farmer List |Search Odisha Farmer ID | Farmers identity Card |Farmer Registration Form

7 Type Farmer ID type on search button.

8 Only AAOs can change mobile no for 1st updation.
AAO should initiate request to CDAOs for updation of the following

  • Correction/Change of name
  • Title Change
  • Father/Husband Name Change
  • Gp/Village Correction.
  • Gender Change.
  • Aadhaar Number inclusion/Edit.
  • Mobile no change for 2nd time.
  • Correction/Change of bank details.
  • Change of category.
    with uploading proper documents as mentioned in site.


Q1 How to download Agrisnet farmer id card

Ans – To download the farmer id card of odisha you have to Go to the web portal and click on the seed DBT in the main menu from there in the drop down menu click on the print farmer id, from there you can download it.

Q2 What are the benefits of Agrisnet farmer id card

Ans – There are many benefits of Agrisnet farmer id card like government subsidies ,other farmer related schemes could be availed easily.

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